Newform Mannequins


Mannequins renovation

If you’ve had your shop mannequin for many years, it is more than likely that a little coat of paint will be needed to give it back its original splendor. Luckily, our experienced sculptors and painters have access to the most technologically advanced tools at our workshop to offer you an ultimate customer experience that will exceed all your expectations. Chipped paint, disjointed parts, outdated style, they can fix it all!

You may wonder why we are suggesting you fix your mannequin instead of just replacing it with a brand new one? Actually, expanding your product lifetime is part of our ethical approach which consists of offering eco-responsible solutions such as recycled products and organic paints that meet our clients’ needs.

Call on our mannequin renovation services today and offer your mannequins a fresh start!

Distributor for high-end products

Newform is a proud distributor of exclusive products from internationally well-renowned companies. In fact, we distribute high-profile brands such as Almax, Vision, Universal and Wissler that produce high-quality mannequins while maintaining very high standards.  Indeed, all manufactured products go through a series of quality tests before they can be adequately packed to avoid any damage that may occur during shipping. Nothing is left to chance to bring our clients the best available on the market.

Not sure which one to pick from in our huge online selection? Then, we warmly invite you to visit our show room or our warehouse at your earliest convenience. You’ll have enough time to see our products in person and make up your mind. Feel free to direct us any questions or modification requests you may have!

3D digitization and modeling

We are an innovative company that is always looking for the most trendy and cutting-edge technology solutions to offer. Our technological shift happened in 2016 when we decided to equip ourselves with 3D body digitization and modeling. With these cutting-edge technologies, we are now able to design customized mannequins from your own real models using 3D digitization.  A genuine revolution!

This digital process is highly precise in regards to both the size and the shape of the digital body that will be used to create your shop mannequins. You can visualize the product in three dimensions before it is even designed, thus you can make any changes you feel necessary. Once you are satisfied with the product, a digitally controlled machine produces the centerpiece.

When we produce mannequins for you, you benefit from a guarantee of perfection that comes with our 3D digitization and modeling process!